18 July 2012

Morning Vent, 18 July 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM Evangeline Lilly uses stealth in LOST...

    Back to work today and far from my honey as the three banger work week starts up. I've got fingers crossed that the week will go swiftly and bring me back home to my Sweet Gal's arms fast. Effie, baby, I love you!! I'll be home in just three nights!! Here's a bonus Evangeline Lilly pic, just for fun:



    Last Saturday, the morning shopping got rained out. I was just too tired to deal with shopping in the rain up in Albany, so I postponed getting some necessary items till the afternoon. So, instead of getting wet, I sweated to death in the broiling afternoon heat. I did manage to do a bit of gaming, getting in a few matches of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The recent Black Ops 2 trailers had piqued my interest in that long neglected game, and I wanted to try my hand a bit. I played some hardcore capture the flag and some barebones TDM. Interestingly, the Black Ops barebones TDM is really barebones. A lot of attachments (like silencers, red dot sights, etc.) are apparently excluded from the matches. I did OK, but not earth-shaking. (My best game was 10/4 on Discovery, the Arctic outpost map that I know pretty well.) I'm really hoping tho that they exclude the moronic 'purchase' system for weapon attachments, perks, etc. I loathed this aspect of the game, and I hope they DX it for Black Ops 2. Moving on...

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