02 July 2012

Morning Vent, 2 July 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 GungalTM is a bit cheeky about her M16A1 assault rifle...

    My Sweet Gal is off on a work-related errand today, but not sure how long she'll be off. Not sure what my mission is going to be. Usually, I'm still somewhat zonked from the work week at this point, but we'll see. I'm hoping we'll still have the rest of the day just to hang.

       One of the things I also did this last week was try Spec Ops with Matt. It was a lot of fun, tho I think the power-up layout definitely isn't very good for this co-op variant on some maps. I may have mentioned that I bought the first content drop with the points my loving wife had given me ages and ages ago. We played Spec Ops on the French city map whose name escapes me and we played on Piazza, one of the DLC Collection 1 maps. On Piazza, the ammo crate is so far away that it's virtually impossible to get back to a good defensive position without getting ventilated by AI enemies. The attack dogs made an appearance, as well as the ever-irritating super-armored enemies. It was notable that AI allies also can be called in, so that will be interesting as I get further into Spec Ops, if I do... Moving on...

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