30 July 2012

Morning Vent, 30 July 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM apparently isn't a fan of kittehs...

    My Sweet Gal and I plan to hold down the fort today, as our son is going up North for some job related meetings. We have fingers crossed on all fronts. We'll be keeping an eye on the grandkids during the day while Chris and Nan venture North to my work stomping grounds for the meetings. 

    I played a bit of Modern Warfare 3 on Friday, but unfortunately no one was online to team up with. I went ridiculously positive in some Barebones matches, like 19/6 and 11/1 on a couple of Domination matches - and still managed to be on the losing team. WTF? That being said, I really, really like Barebones, since I despise the killstreaks incorporated into the main game. The ever loathed 'narc cam' is bad enough, but when you add helicopters, missiles, those infuriating recon drones, Advanced UAV, and so on, it just makes me want to quit the game outright. At least, in Barebones, I can appreciate the occasional 'sudden burst of skill' that overcomes, lol. Barebones also lets me use other perks besides Blindeye Pro and Assassin Pro. In regular game types where the enemy chains together UAVs, recon drones, etc., I feel naked without them. I really wish there were more Barebones variants available to play on Modern Warfare 3.
    BTW, tomorrow's featured clip will be yours truly, getting a rare (if welcome killcam) on a Team Defender match. My son and best bud Paul were initially in the match, but they had to bail before the end to get dinner going. Ironically, it was the only Team Defender match I did well in and one of the few that we won. Moving on...

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