09 August 2012

Afternoon Vent, 9 August 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 GungalTM wears shades to hide her bloodshot eyes...

    Fell asleep this morning before I could whip up a Vent, as I was really, really tired. Just so dog tired that it hurts, but it's the first day of four down, and I'm that much closer to being home with my Sweet Gal!! Tomorrow is Papa Joker's birthday, and he and Mama Joker are away on a trip for a few days. We celebrated the birthday before the fact on Saturday, luckily, with a feast at Cracker Barrel.

    No gaming yesterday, as I was just beat. Doubt there'll be any today, either. The blogging might be spars this rotation, as I just don't know how much energy I'm going to have for it. Moving on...

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