14 August 2012

Morning Vent, 14 August 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 GungalTM accesorizes her fishnets with leather...

    As it happens, my Sweet Gal had afternoon work hours yesterday, and I was mostly on my own... With our local cell phone towers out of commission, we couldn't keep in touch by texting back and forth like we usually do. I did make a shopping excursion to pick up some sundries, and I made dinner (sausage and peppers). Not sure whether they were a success (since the blog is being prepped ahead of time, lol), but fingers crossed.
    Tomorrow, I have a mission to perform at the old HQ bunker, so fingers crossed on that one, too. I'll also visit with Mama and Papa Joker, who are back safe and sound from their trip North.

    No gaming for me the past couple of days, as I was just too beat on Sunday, and I was too busy on Monday for any gaming. Not sure whether the stars will align for some gaming action today or not. I'm thinking of getting a standard controller for the Wii, tho. My Sweet Gal had suggested letting grandson Stevie take the Wii out for a ride with Modern Warfare 3, but the Wiimote controller seems a real pain in the butt for him, as well as me. Moving on...


Centranthus said...

Mmmm..... sausage and peppers. Didja have them in a club roll or sub? Melt a little bit of mozzarella on it. O..M..G..

Joker961 said...

On fresh baked Italian bread, lol. It was awesome.

Love ya!

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