05 September 2012

Morning Vent, 5 September 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM takes aim with her guns gun...

    Due to the Labor Day holiday, I've taken the precaution of scheduling a vacation day today, in case the Jeep repairs run longer than a day. As it happens, other urgent matters arose which will keep me home today, at least. Fingers continue to be crossed, lol.

    As noted in the news links, it looks like the long-awaited PC mod for Half-life 2, Black Mesa: Source, may see release this very month! As long time followers (all 11 of you, lol) may know, I'm a devotee of all things Half-life, and I've been posting updates on the mod's checkered progress here from time to time. Hopefully, it will be available and playable for me on my rather underpowered laptop, lol. 
    Yesterday afternoon, while waiting to hear on the Jeep, I took the 2010 Medal of Honor single player out for a spin. It was quite enjoyable, playing on the Medium difficulty, with only a couple of deaths during the campaign problems. I noticed the AI was mostly pretty good, except for friendlies having a a distinct habit of crossing in front of my muzzle when I was behind covering and engaging the enemy. There were only a couple of spots where the game, in a sense, broke because an event didn't trigger. The game's in mission pointers aren't as good as they should be. If you miss the initial direction pointer, you're just flailing around looking where to go. When that happened, I reloaded the checkpoint and replayed the short segment again, and all was well. Moving on...

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