14 October 2012

Morning Vent, 14 October 2012

GungalTM of the Day
Army GungalTM wears a head scarf to fit in...

    Home with my honey on Sunday, and we'll be perusing the morning sale papers, enjoying our morning coffee. Not sure what else will be on the agenda for today, but I'm sure that whatever the day brings, it will be awesome just because we're together. After an extra long nap yesterday, Nan, my honey, and I took the boys to Hurd's Farm to pick out pumpkins and ride the 'cow ride'. Got a few good pics on the camera phone, but as I was a bit light-headed from the work week, I forgot the digital camera, or else we would have had a slew of pictures of urban tourist douchebags taking in the farm sights, lol.

    As I mentioned yesterday, I'm playing through Homefront, and finding it relatively enjoyable. There's a tremendous amount of gameplay that's familiar to a longtime Call of Duty player like myself: The gameplay is designed in a relatively linear fashion with a pretty tightly controlled path for the player to follow. The course of the game is laid out in a serious of advancing objectives, most of which amount to following a non-player character through the level until you're shot at by North Korean Army soldiers. The relative improbability of North Korea being able to successfully invade and dominate the North American continent aside, the game does have a few problems, some of which are also familiar to Call of Duty fans. There are a few spots in the game with never-ending enemies. I entertained myself quite a bit, popping numerous NKA (or 'norks', as they're sometimes called in the game) as they scaled a fence in one section of the game. There must have been quite a pile of them on the sidewalk. I noted that the fence-climing animation was exactly the same every single time, denoting laziness or lack of time/resources for THQ Games to vary the animations much. Some sections of the game are also variations on the 'get this and do that with it' schtick that has become rather tired for me in Call of Duty. Moving on...

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