17 October 2012

Morning Vent, 17 October 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 GungalTM Sienna Miller does the Baroness thing...

    My Sweet Gal and I are embarked on our second year as a married couple now (tho we were certainly hitched in our Hearts well before that). We exchanged gifts yesterday, during our morning coffee. I'm hoping my beloved was pleased with what I got her. We're together, and we're happy. In this world, anything more than that is gravy, as they say. Effie, honey, I love you!!!
    And I always will.


    As I mentioned last week, I had downloaded the Xbox Live trial version of the original Call of Duty. It was interesting to play the original on the Xbox. The half price sale from last week, sadly, was over, so I won't be buying it on Xbox Live. It just isn't worth 1200 points ($15) to me when I already own it for the PC. For $15, I'll deal with having to connect the external drive to the laptop, lol. 
    On the blog links the other day, the featured video was some Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta gameplay. I did get online to play a few games of the beta, and I came away unimpressed. It played, not unsurprisingly, a lot like Medal of Honor multiplayer, and I don't mean that in a good way. At all. Moving on...

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