22 October 2012

Morning Vent, 22 October 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM Marie-Claude Bourbonnais dresses in waspish colors for this cosplay...

    Not sure whether my honey will have work hours today or not, but, either way, I'll be at home, waiting on word from Firestone on the status of my ailing Jeep Cherokee. Fingers crossed, lol. We had an awesome time at the Mountain Brauhaus, tho I felt a bit guilty as my honey was up and working during the day as I recovered from my work week by napping and then chilling on my laptop. 
[Edit @ 10:30 AM: Well, we didn't make it to the Brauhaus, but it was still an awesome day. More on that tomorrow, lol...]

    I started up the Black Ops single player campaign immediately after finishing the World at War campaign. I think Infinity Ward does a better job of delivering pure action movie type spectacle. Playing through the Modern Warfare series, then World at War and Black Ops, it also seemed to me that Infinity Ward's graphics are a lot more realistic, less cartoony than Treyarch's. They're both good, really, but the IW environments and character models just look better to me. On a gameplay level, Black Ops isn't bad. There are far, far too many uses of the 'combat roll' by enemy NPCs. Maybe the commies have gymnastics a lot more in their military training, but after the third or fourth enemy rolling forward into position, it just starts to get ridiculous. According to the wikipedia article on the game, a true-life MACV-SOG advisor said that Spetsnaz do the rolling thing in combat in real life. Maybe it works in real life, but in the game it just looks stupid. Likewise, the directional arrow thing in Black Ops, like in MW2 and MW3, just sucks awfully for pointing you where you should go to accomplish your missions. In some instances, it's virtually invisible, leaving you to spin around in a circle until you pick it up again. Really, developer guys, please get back to the old school compass for player movement. Really. Moving on...

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