23 October 2012

Morning Vent, 23 October 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM takes aim with her SMG...

    All went as planned with the Jeep repair mostly. Mostly. The price was right in line with the estimate the guys at Firestone gave me. Over the phone yet. In less than five minutes. I never got a phone estimate from our local dealer. So, props to my lovely Gamer Gal for suggesting I try Firestone. And appy-polly-lodges to Matt64 for ignoring his years long advice to shop around for the best deal on auto repairs. We couldn't do the Mountain Brauhaus on Sunday because it was packed. We got there and there was an hour and half wait for a table. We were starving, having skipped lunch in order to enjoy the German cuisine, lol, so we went down the road to Lombardi's. It wasn't the Brauhaus, which we had set our hearts on, but the food was very good. And, as I like to say, it's the company that makes a meal. My Sweet Gal and I celebrated our anniversary with a very nice dinner after all. Just a week late, lol.  

    A few days ago, the 'Scanned' launch trailer for Halo 4 was linked on the blog. I watched it, and I'm impressed, as always, with the promotional items for the Halo franchise. The Halo universe is extremely fascinating for me, maybe because of the military 'flavor' of it, as well. The commercials advertising Halo games are usally pretty epic, much more so than the games ever manage to be. This particular live action launch trailer was exciting to watch, and it promised a lot of Master Chief action against new, previously only hinted at enemies. We'll see if, unlike Halo 3, Halo 4 can deliver on what its trailers promise. It's not like I'm waiting for release day, so I guess I'll find out when the game lands in the bargin bin in a couple of years or so, lol. Moving on...

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