29 October 2012

Morning Vent, 29 October 2012

GungalTM of the Day

Vinyl Lingerie GungalTM takes aim...

    Not sure what today's schedule will bring, as this is being prepped ahead of time, but fingers crossed that dinner with Mama and Papa Joker came off OK.

       As I mentioned yeterday, I had Duke Nukem Forever on tap... On last Wednesday, I opened the tap. And the beer was pretty dang rancid. The reviews appeared to be pretty close to the mark. The graphics are dated as heck, with some of the character models looking ludicrously 1990s, considering some of the games which were released around the same time as DNF. The levels have some ridiculously long load times, also. I'm not sure whether I'll finish that game off or not. It didn't really make me exactly jump for joy on any front. The novelty factor of in-game nudity and implied sex just aren't that much of a thrill for me at my age. So, DNF may wind up back in its case, gathering dust. Forever, lol. Moving on...

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