01 November 2012

Afternoon Vent, 1 November 2012

GungalTM of the Day

Dragunov GungalTM keeps her optics clean...

    As this posts on the blog, the first day is done, and the second day is ramping up. I got a late start on things due to a power outage at home. I hung out at home until mid-afternoon, then I forced myself to leave. Fortunately, the power came on at home about a half hour after I headed for parts North. I felt pretty dang guilty about leaving for the nice, warm Albany pad when my honey had to stay back home in the cold.

    I spent a bit of time finagling around on the Black Ops campaign. I really, really wanted to avoid the PBR river sequence, even on the lowest wimp setting. It's just a dreary section to play, as most vehicle segments are for me. Unfortunately, mission select only lets you pick long chapters to drop into, so I couldn't just opt to jump straight to the ground combat on that mission. Likewise, the next segment, where you play an SR-71 communications officer who guides Hudson's team on the ground to the Russian outpost, was unskippable. I was forced to go back and forth between clicking the SR-71 comm module screen and maneuvering on the ground. As Reibo says, 'threaded with chain and lead', lol. Moving on...

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