17 November 2012

Evening Vent, 17 November 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM shows off two - ahem! - guns...

    A very late update, as I had no Vent set up for today due to fatigue, a very short work week, and a lot of other real life stuff going on. The last night is here, and, tomorrow, I'll be home with my beloved Sweet Gal again!!! Awesome beyond words. Thanksgiving is practically upon us, and I'm looking forward to ten days with my honey!! Effie, baby, I love you!! I'll be home in a few hours!!! 

    I wasn't able to sleep on Friday afternoon, so I played a bit of Black Ops 2 with Matt64. No great success to report, sadly. In fact, I got my butt whipped pretty thoroughly and repeatedly. Matt, on the whole, did better. I did manage to cap him accidentally again, lol. I've got a few films on tap that I saved and a few more bookmarked. One of them didn't upload right, so I might have to redo it. We'll see how it goes... Most impressed with the Black Ops 2 single player campaign. Tho it's linear, it does allow for branching that varies the storyline impressively. I played some single player on Saturday right before work, and I had the choice of killing/not killing a major non-player character. I took one for the team, allowing my player character to die instead. Earlier in the week, that selfsame NPC had picked up some heinous facial scars, a la Terminator 2, and one of the characters remarked on it in the storyline later. It will be interesting to try out a new game of single player and make a different decision and see how it turns out. Who will be my guide in future missions, if I decide to blow that NPC's head off? What will happen to my character if I do blow my friend's head off? It all reminds me of the branching decision making that was remarked upon in the Mass Effect series, and it's a novelty for Call of Duty, for sure. Whether it's a true choice or not, it's entertaining and refreshing for the series. Moving on...

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