02 November 2012

Morning Vent, 2 November 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM Joanna Lumley plays coy with Steed's umbrella...

    As this auto-posts (I hope) on the blog, the second of four nights is done, and I'm halfway home to my Sweet Gal. Just two more nights to go, and I'm back in her loving arms!! I can't wait!! Effie, honey, I love you!! I'll be home in just two more nights!! 

    As I mentioned yesterday, I had the goal of slogging through the Black Ops campaign. I think I'm just about done with it. I got past the extremely annoying river and flying sections. I'm thinking if I had the difficulty set to anything higher than 'battlefield tourist', I'd be continually ticked off by the cheating ass nature of Call of Duty. But, no matter. The campaign at least makes some kind of sense, compared to the Modern Warfare series. That's nothing to sneeze at. The plot holes in the Modern Warfare trilogy make my head hurt, lol. Moving on...

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