24 November 2012

Morning vent, 24 November 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM sins twice with her trigger fingers...

    Home again, as what would be my regular days off with my honey start again. I've been off this week for Thanksgiving, and it's been a blast. I loved hanging with my honey, and she's been very nice about my getting online for some Black Ops 2 gaming. I tend to fixate on the game when I first break into it, lol, and she's been very understanding. 

    In Black Ops 2, I've already progressed far beyond what I managed to do in the original Black Ops. I got tired of having my butt kicked over and over and over in the original. So far, I'm hanging in, tho I had a spurt of bad games yesterday, for sure. I managed to level up my favorite weapon, the the PDW-57 (similar to the FN P90 in capability and size. Prestiging the weapon, AFAIK, only affects cosmetics. I unlocked the ability to put my clan (2o2p, for the 2old2play website) tag on the weapon. Big whoop, but it's mildly cool nontheless. Today's Moving on...

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