26 November 2012

Morning Vent, 26 November 2012

GungalTM of the Day
 Apocalyptic GungalTM takes aim with her Glock...

    As was the case last year, the 'Black Friday' shopping rush was uneventful for Effie and me. We did a bit of shopping online, and we're hoping to have the rest done this week or next.  We're keeping it simple again this Holiday season, lol, owing to simple poverty. She's off at work today, but we're hoping to head out to run a few errands when she gets done.
    Bit of a skimpy blog today owing to illness on my part. A couple nights ago, I got up with a stomach thing, and I passed out twice in the bathroom, winding up with a slightly smashed nose gushing blood and a wracked up neck and back from where I fell through the bathroom sheet rock. I got checked out by the doc the next day since I felt light-headed when my gal and I were having coffee. Nothing abnormal found so far, and the doc over at the FirstCare walk-in seemed certain it was a not uncommon instance of ordinary 'vasovagal syncope' (which is doctor-ese for fainting), but it looks like I'll have to be checked out by a regular physician to be sure. I feel OK today apart from some soreness and a tender proboscis. Fingers crossed, as I like to say.

Happy Birthday, ReiboChief!!

    Today we also celebrate Reibo's birthday, as my younger brother marks another anniversary!! Happy birthday, Reibo! I love you, bro! Hope you're having an awesome birthday!
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Happy Bday !

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