06 November 2012

Morning Vent, 6 November 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM has her leathers on, lol...

    My honey had work hours yesterday, and she was home kinda on the late side. For my part, I had lunch with my old friend and shooting buddy Wayne. We had a great old time reminiscing and having some awesome 'cat wings'. Not sure what today will bring, but since it's Election Day here in the US, I'll go out and do my civic duty. I'll follow that up with a trip to the old HQ bunker to see how the folks are faring.

    I made a quick mention of Medal of Honor: Warfighter yesterday, saying how the reviews had been pretty rough. I went birthday gift shopping yesterday and one of the stops was at Toys R Us. There was a pair of grandparents buying games for the Wii, and I queued up to get a Wii game as a birthday gift. I said to the saleswoman to grab a copy for me, and she replied, 'Oh, I have a whole case of these open at the register'. So I follow her to the register. And she's tending to a woman with an entire shopping cart full of toys and games. The grandparents are still ahead of me at this point with their own purchases. And I'm waiting... And waiting. And waiting. It struck me that if she had just given me a copy of the Wii game from the locked glass case where the grandparents and I were standing around waiting for her for ten minutes, I could have gone to one of the other three registers to pay for it, rather than waiting for her to go through another customer's Noah's Ark of a shopping cart before finally noticing the cobwebs forming on the two disgruntled grandparents and me. Finally, I start to leave, and she calls another salesdrone to attend to me, but I just shrug it off with a 'Never mind'. I went to GameStop and had the game I needed in less than five minutes. And, getting somewhat tangentially to the other point of this long, tortuous tale, there were already used copies of MoH: Warfighter on display. Guess it's not a keeper for a lot of folks, lol. Moving on...

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