18 December 2012

Evening Vent, 18 December 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM Raylene Richards takes aim...

    Well, the update is very late today, as I had to rush the Jeep to the mechanic when I saw something hanging on the undercarriage. It turned out to be the grill covering for the catalytic converter, and the whole repair cost less than $11, which had me pretty much jumping for joy. I was scared to death, checking my bank account to see how much damage I was going to be able to absorb, so, essentially, Christmas was saved by the guys down at Firestone, God bless them. I'm home waiting for my Sweet Gal to come home and eat the meal I've thrown together here.  It ain't much, but I've got few skills in the way of cooking, lol.

    No gaming this week, as there were doctor's appointments and urgent things popping up a-plenty to keep me from lighting up the Xbox. I missed the last day of double XP, but real life has to take priority, natch. Christmas is almost upon us, so I had to finish up the last of the shopping, too. Moving on...

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