10 December 2012

Morning Vent, 10 December 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM Katee Sackhoff in all her Starbuck splendor...

    Wonderful to be home again with my beloved Effie!!! As is turned out yesterday, my honey & Nan went shopping during the early afternoon. I stayed back home, still recovering from my head cold. I'm on my own at home for the time being, and I'll have to finagle something for dinner without burning the house down, lol. Tomorrow, tho, I have a doctor's appointment, and I will follow up with some tests on Wednesday, also. If the stars align, tomorrow, after the visit to the ever-dreaded Dr. Anti-House, my Effie and I will head over to the old HQ bunker and wish brother Rick a very happy birthday!! Fingers crossed, as they say. 

    Another thing that's going to be fixed in the next update, according to rumor, is the often broken 'Theater mode' on Black Ops 2. Films were cut short, disappearing, and generally not working like they're supposed to. It might be small potatoes to 'pro' players who regularly stomp poor pubbers like me, but our teensy moments of glory are all the more awesome when immortalized on YouTube, lol. Moving on...

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