11 December 2012

Morning Vent, 11 December 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM Jennifer Lopez needs to keep her elbow down...

    Today, my Effie and I are heading across the river to see the dreaded Dr. Anti-House and see what tests he wants me to take tomorrow. I'm anticipating being down a quart tomorrow when I go to have the blood drawn, so I'll have to eat an extra pound of beef or something to compensate when I get home. I've never been a huge fan of having my blood taken, but I'll try to be brave, lol.
    Today is also brother Rick's burpeeday, so we'll multitask and visit him after the dreaded doctor's appointment. Happy birthday, bro!!!

    Not much new on the gaming front, but I'm thinking that the skill-based matchmaking is resulting in my getting put up against people far more skilled than me at FPSing in general and Call of Duty in particular. Again, it would be nice to play with a regular crew since that afford some comfort when I'm having my ass handed to me in a basket. I understand that Black Ops 2 has been updated on Xbox Live. I'm not sure whether stars will align for me to try it out or not, lol. Fingers crossed... Moving on...

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