02 December 2012

Morning Vent, 2 December 2012

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM takes cover with her MP5 SMG...

    As this auto-posts on the blog, I should be home or almost home. It's been a hellishly long week, but all will be right with the world in just a few minutes. I'll be holding my honey tight again, and I'll really, truly be home again. As I often say: In my heart, I never really leave. I love you, my Effie!! It's wonderful to be home.

        Since I haven't been doing much Black Ops 2 multiplayer, I'm undecided about prestiging, and even less so about using prestige tokens to unlock more custom classes, as I heard that every unlock of a custom class deletes one of your default classes. The first default class has 'Ghost' unlocked on it, so I'd kinda like to keep that one around, specifically for when I'm getting my ass kicked and don't have Ghost enabled. Treyarch has nerfed the 'Ghost' perk a lot (you have to be constantly moving around to be invisible on the radar), and they've unlocked it at level 55, no less. So that makes it largely pointless for practical purposes. I understand their logic, since there's a lot of hatred for 'campers'. Since I'm a 'happy camper' from way back, that just ticks me off no end, lol. There are 'permanent unlocks' as well, tho I'm not familiar with exactly how those work. I guess for a perk or weapon, you can permanently unlock it so you always have it, even after prestiging. I'm thinking 'Ghost' will be one of those for me, despite Treyarch having neutered it. Moving on...

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