28 December 2012

Morning Vent

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM Dana likes her fashion-ripped denims...

    As this auto-posts on the blog, the 2nd of 4 nights is finally done, and I'm halfway home to my Sweet Gal. This is an awful long week for us. The Christmas break was marred by me being under the weather most of the time. I've never really bounced back from being sick during Thanksgiving, and the sickness is hanging on and on and on. Luckily, I do feel a bit better, tho this dang head cold is dragging on. 

    I got on for about an hour yesterday, after sleeping in. I got awakened by some cramps in my lower legs. I think I was a bit dehydrated, despite drinking about a quart of fluids during the course of the work night. I was sweating a lot, due to running around from being short-handed. Gladly, during my short stint on Xbox Live, I had no disastrous games. I managed to get a killcam with the 'war machine', and so I kept that clip and will feature it here in the next few days. Moving on...

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