16 January 2013

Morning Vent

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM Angelina Jolie shows off her profile and twin comped USPs...

    The days off have come to an end, and I have to kiss my Pretty Gal good bye and head off to work today. The lottery winnings haven't come in, so off to work we go. But in just three short nights, I'll be back home in her arms, and all will be right with the world again. Effie, my honey, I love you!!! I'll be home on Saturday!!! 

    Today's featured video is somewhat special, since it features some payback to a group of smack-talkers. I generally play in a party, even if it's a party on just one (me). Why? Because the default chat channel then is the private party one. That means when I play solo, I'm spare all the squeaky, little girl sounding voices of the pre-teen boys who play Call of Duty. That's a huge bonus. If you have to play solo, do yourself a favor. Put yourself in a party first. Your nerve endings will thank you. Moving on...

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