24 January 2013

Morning Vent

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM does some Bayonetta cheesecake cosplay...

    As this autposts on the blog, the first of four long, cold (very cold!) nights is done, and, fingers crossed, that I'm back at my bleak Albany apartment, getting some much needed sleep. If all the stars have aligned, I didn't have to stay too late at work this AM. If I did, I'm likely to be pretty ticked off, I can tell you. Things did not go smoothly at work - at all. But, no matter what, come Sunday, I'll be back home with my Pretty Gal. Come what may, I'll be back in her arms bright and early Sunday morning!! 

    During the days off this week, I didn't have time or energy for any gaming, really. I could conceivably have gotten on during a long Tuesday afternoon, when my gal was at work. But I just didn't have the heart to log on. I had had some dismal Black Ops 2 games during the work week, and it was just a bit too much for me. When I got up from a pre-work nap on Wednesday, I logged on and got my ass kicked over and over and over on Black Ops 2. So, I popped out the disk and loaded up Call of Duty 4. And I went positive again, using a cautious wait, shoot, and then move to the next spot strategy. Yeah, it was camping, strictly speaking. But the always in the air UAV of Black Ops 2 ain't exactly fair, either. So, screw that noise. It's a shame, too, since I actually bought the season pass for Black Ops 2. On second thought, I wish I had not, since I appear to be just about done with that game for the year, unless I magically start doing better. Moving on...

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