28 January 2013

Morning Vent

GungalTM of the Day

GungalTM has nice bangs and true trigger finger discipline...

     Home with my honey, and it's awesome. Not sure what's on the schedule for today. It was an awesome burpeeday party for grandson Junior yesterday. The . Sonic the Hedgehog cake was just amazing. My honey and granddaughter Stephie did an awesome job on it. 
     I have to get an oil change done before heading up to Albany again on Wednesday, so maybe I'll try to get that done today or tomorrow, along with a visit to drop off a burpeeday gift for nephew TJ. FIngers crossed, lol. Blogging may be sparse this week, as I'm a bit behind schedule and running a bit tired, as well. Bear with me until things get back to normal.

    I mentioned some time back about my misstep regarding surround sound headphones for the Xbox 360. I had accidentally ordered PC phones. I may have resolved that by ordering a gizmo called the SoundAround. It's an analog device that costs less than $20 and simulates 5.1 surround sound on regular stereo headpones which I already have. I watched a YouTube review of the device and decided to gamble the $20. Brace for impact, lol. Moving on...

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