03 January 2013

Morning Vent

GungalTM of the Day

Even pro GungalsTM have undisciplined trigger fingers...

    Sorry about not having a vent yesterday, but I never even cracked open my laptop this weekend. Sunday was a mess, with me pretty dang exhausted all day, and Monday was New Year's Eve, so there wasn't much time there, either, and on New Year's Day, I was just chilling trying to store up my energy a bit. But now, I'm done with the first night up in Albany, and I'm already counting down to being home with my honey!! Lord, I can't wait!!! Effie, baby, I love you!! I'll be home on Saturday!! 

    I've got some gameplay vids on tap for later in the week, time permitting. I played a match against the bots, came up second, and Black Ops 2 called it a win for me, so I'm not complaining. The interesting part was that I recorded the match and uploaded the highlight reel. There's not much middle ground on Black Ops 2. You're either an unstoppable Angel of Death or you're everyone's bitch. It all comes down to connection, as far as I can tell. I prestiged yesterday, and it meant getting my ass kicked even more than usual, lol. Moving on...

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