07 January 2013

Morning Vent

GungalsTM of the Day

Bikini GungalsTM with a lot of full-auto action...

    Monday is another one of my 'fun days' but today not so much as my Sweet Gal had to go off to work unexpectedly and stinking early. I'll be trying to run some errands while she's working today. Tomorrow, I have to stay close to home as the furnace guy is coming to do his cleaning service thing. 

    Owing to fatigue, there was no news in the blog yesterday. We had a early Saturday run to the remote starter place, and luckily everything was fixed in minutes with a new antenna for the gizmo. Yesterday, we had a birthday dinner for grand-daughter Shania at Cracker Barrel. We were rather disappointed in the meal, and we were even more disappointed in not being seated quickly, even tho we called ahead and my Pretty Gal and I arrived ahead of time by a half hour to get things going. Still, we made the best of it, and I reveled in my bacon cheeseburger, even tho it wasn't 'medium well' as I always get it. It was meat, and I was starving, lol. 
    Today's video is all about me again, lol. It's a match using an LMG on the stock 'heavy gunner' class. I've been partial to the LMG ever since my days in Team Fortress Classic and Front Line Force. I've noticed that I often do better using one of the stock Call of Duty classes when i prestige, rather than using the highly limited custom classes with very few unlocks. Moving on...

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