12 September 2009

Bosco and the Storm at The Keltic House

The Keltic House is hosting another great show by Bosco & the Storm. The show is 9/12 from 10PM to 2AM. Rei and I are going to meet Jerry there. Roseanne said she might come by as well. I can't wait to get the potato skins. They were the best I've ever had. I'm out at midnight, prolly, tho. Those late nights don't agree with me as much as they used to. :)

Here's a pic of Bosco and his band, including his lovely lady lead singers, Danasky (left) and CeeCee (right):

Update 3: Rei & I lit a shuck at midnight. The show was really good, but we were both thrashed by that point. It was a good night. Bosco & the girls were great, as always.

Update 2: The potato skins were underwhelming. Apparently, the aircraft carrier size skins I got the last time were an aberration. The skins tonight (4 instead of 8) were well supplied with bacon, but the cheese was the liquid from-a-can crap, not the awesome real, iceberg-size hunks of melted cheddar I got the last time. It was good, but not the stuff of legend. Bosco just got here at 19:40 hrs, and he's looking the joint over. We'll see how the show goes. -R.


The Keltic House has wi-fi, so I'll bring my netbook along so I can drunkenly blog from there. If I can keep my hands steady, maybe I can get some pics, too. Here are a coupla pics from The Keltic House website:

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