13 September 2009

Why Hollywood makes Crappy Gaming Movies...

I haven't seen Gamer yet. The previews look pretty amazing, as far as the action goes. But, based on earlier efforts from Hollywood, confidence is not high. No one in Hollywood apparently really plays videogames. They say they do, but I highly doubt it. Look at the Doom movie. The FPS sequence on that was brilliant, the best ever done -- except for the ending. Anyone who has seen the movie, who played FPSes, knows it should have ended with the mirror being shot. That's the climax the sequence needed.

Neill Blomkamp (District 9) was going to do a Halo movie before all the money people involved misplaced their Viagra and chickened out. The scuttlebutt was that they didn't think a tyro director, who'd mostly done commercials, could handle the project. Hmm. Ridley Scott's first movie was The Duellists, and he followed that up with a little SF gem called Alien. Plus, Neill Blomkamp had done this, as well as the Halo live-action shorts.

Here's a prime example why Hollywood screws up movies about gaming. Look at the pic below. Look at how these douches are holding the controllers. It's like they've never even seen a videogame console before in their lives.

Just horrid. Horrid.

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