21 September 2009

GameSpy: Modern Warfare 2 Hands On

Stoked about this game! It's gonna be a long 50 days, 11 hours, & 55 mins, according to my Homepage countdown widget. Here's a hands-on session from GameSpy.

Here's an excerpt:

When we spoke to Infinity Ward Community Manager Robert Bowling about things to look out for during our hands-on session, he urged us to be on the lookout for the airdropped Care Packages that would grant us access to some cooler stuff that would otherwise only be unlocked at higher levels and by much greater kill streaks. I managed to go on one particularly nasty tear by sneaking around the enemy flank and taking up a vantage point at a nearby rooftop and racked up a solid streak of kills, giving me the ability to call in a supply drop. I ran back to our own base in order to play with this ability from relative safety, and dropped some red smoke to call in the package. It didn't take long at all before the tell-tale green case of a military storage unit parachuted down from above, and I raced over to find that I had scored big. I was the proud (part-time) owner of an AC-130!

Activating this baby dropped me into the familiar black-and-white overhead view from the mother of all gunships, and I started raining depleted uranium death down upon the enemy team. Enemy targets were easy to distinguish from friendlies, as the baddies all had red squares around them, highlighting them clear as day. The AC-130 lasted quite a while, easily long enough to rack up a whole new batch of kills and to set the other team running scared.

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