21 September 2009

(Re)Started CoD2 on the Xbox 360 last night...

So, I was surprised when the game menu gave me the option to resume the game. I guess at some point I'd started the CoD2 single player campaign and then given up on it. Using the same setup as for W@W, and I was surprised at how unstable the aiming was. I guess I'm gonna haveta cook up a separate config for the XIM360 for CoD2 single player.

Today, my used eBay PC finally comes. It's on the truck now "out for delivery" after spending the weekend in UPS Poughkeepsie. I'm trying to make room for it now on my PC desk. Looking forward to checking it out...

[Update] Well, the PC arrived. The PC had a 40 gb HD instead of the 80 gb advertised. The keyboard & mouse were smashed to smithereens. I've sent an eBay message to the seller to see how he will resolve these problems... I should have known.

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