18 September 2009

Why Hollywood Makes Crappy Gaming Movies, Part Deux

We talked a little bit about this before in this blog entry Why Hollywood Makes Crappy Gaming Movies but here's another case in point: Doom. Over and above the lapses in plot, logic, & thin characters, the movie has one additional cardinal sin: The FPS sequence has a misplaced climax. Watch it here, and see what I mean:

I'll have a quick cup of coffee while you watch it. Click the YouTube linky:

Doom First Person Scene (High Definition!) (HD!!)

So, did you see what I mean? The director of the FPS sequence blew the climax. For my money, the climax of the whole sequence should be Reaper shooting his reflection. After all the tension and action of the sequence, shooting the reflection on the metal door/wall would be a satisfying Ahhhh! for the viewer. And it would have been a great "bookend" for the mirror shot at the beginning of the FPS sequence, too. Sure, the movie has far greater flaws than a fudged up, entirely disposable FPS action sequence that's essentially a bone tossed to devotees of the actual game. But it stings a bit nonetheless.

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