30 October 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 30 October 2009

They're gone, man... They're all gone.

Not too surprisingly, despite Activision's efforts to pull the videos all over the web (the LiveLeak link from 10/27 is gone), the mainstream game sites and the Fifth Column Fourth Estate have gone berserk anyway, flogging the controversy for all its worth. FWIW, it's a bit weird that a mere 12 days before the game is supposed to be in stores, there is no official announcement that Modern Warfare 2 has "gone gold" (meaning the master discs have been finalized for duplication). Either they're planning on crapping out 15 million copies in the next 10 days or they've "gone gold" and haven't told a soul. Since an apparent MW2 Edition Xbox 360 and game disc appear to have been seen in the wild (see the related link below), that may be the case. Links below.

Now on to other CoD related links:
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  • Now, this guy has some balls. Alfred Sirleaf, in Monrovia, Liberia, is thumbing his nose at the heavily censored, government controlled press by posting the day's news on an erasable board in downtown Monrovia. Slashdot calls him "the world's only analog blogger". If I lived in a thugocracy, don't think I'd have the stones to do it.
  • The Xbox Live Sky viewer problems in the UK were caused by "unprecedented demand".

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