30 October 2009

Morning Vent, 30 October 2009

Halo. Still a classic... Can't help loving it.

Tomorrow is Halloween. Matt64, Reibochief, and I will be down in the man cave, Xbox 360s fired up, and having our asses kicked up and down the internet by the tweens not out getting their sugar fix by Trick or Treating.

I'm seriously considering joining a CoD4/W@W/MW clan. I hate playing by myself, and some of the clans on 2Old2Play might be a good fit. I had posted a couple of CoD related blogs there, and I got some good feedback from a guy from the Porkchop Platoon clan. I sent a PM to a Porkchop Platoon rep on that website to see what happens.

Yankees tied the Phillies!

Having lunch with Jerry, a fellow out-of-work engineering tech, this afternoon at Cafe Maya. Hope to enjoy some congris and some nice Mexican beer.

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