20 October 2009

Links of Note, 20 October 2009

Ars Technica has an article on Steam and Valve's possible conflict of interest as dev and online distributor. Click here!

Joystick Division has a rumor round-up, including a Call of Duty: World at War sequel for 2010. Click here!

Shacknews has a review of the FPS/RPG Borderlands. Click here!

1Up has a preview of Halo: Waypoint, a consolidated Xbox Live function that tracks all Halo-related gamer achievements, awards, medals, etc. For folks who like the Bungie ego-boo (and I do), this is pretty spiffy. IW, Treyarch, this is the way it's done. Click here!

Co-Optimus also has an article up on Halo: Waypoint. Click here!

GiantBomb has the scoobies on Halo: Waypoint. Click here!

And speaking of Bungie, Gamasutra has the ODST/Halo 3 player number/hour stats. Click here!

On the Infinity Ward front, here's a 1Up editor Tina Sanchez's photo blog of her visit to the Infinity Ward den of iniquity. I'm assuming it was before the announcement of the PC player cornholing, since there are no mobs with torches and pitchforks trying to break into the building. Click here!

Since we're checking out real estate, here's a photo tour of Blizzard's digs from Destructoid. Click here!

1Up has a review of the FPS/RPG hybrid Borderlands. Click here!

ITWorld has an article about the upcoming banhammer on 3rd party storage units for the Xbox 360. Click here!

On a lighter note, ITWorld offers 15 high-tech pranks to pull on your office-mates. Click here!

Surfacescapes D&D demo. For an old D&D geek like me, this is the coolest thing in the world -- for 25 years ago when I still played D&D. Click here!

Left 4 Dead custom map: Dismember the Alamo. Click here!

Listening to last night's BASHandSlash livecast, it sounded like the hardcore PC modders are feeling like this --------->
And I can't really blame them. There wasn't any real warning. Nothing much leaked out about the way things were being changed on the PC end of Modern Warfare 2. In fact, there had been at least one tweet from Fourzerotwo, fairly early on, that PC would be as it always had been... Yikes.

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