20 October 2009

Modern Warfare 2 News, 20 October 2009

Fourzerotwo's blog has news about the MW2 PC issue. (Update: OK, not exactly anything new. It's just a reiteration of what he said during the BASHandSlash interview. Still nothing for the hardcore folks who set up clan servers. Private matches are not the same thing at all when the host has zero ping and everyone else gets whatever latency. Still worth a click, if only for the comments. Some examples: Optimistic user Ben says "thanks for the response. this should at least cool the rage filtering through the internet even if not everybody is happy about it."   User 402isacunt followed immediately with: "sorry but uve fucked urself up, why wud i want my pc like a shitty console... fuckin cock".)
Click here for 402's blog entry!

Fourzerotwo: 22 September 2009: PC will be the same as it always was.

Fourzerotwo: 20 October 2009: Just kidding. It's all gone.

Update: GameInformer has the official IW company line. Click here!

Blue's News has a link with some encouraging news, if true. One CoD4 clan has reported that Fourzerotwo has responded in a private tweet that he will bring PC players' concerns to the attention of IW. Click here!

Link to BASHandSlash crew's webcast from last night discussing the impact of their Fourzerotwo interview that revealed that the PC version of Modern Warfare 2's PC version would not have dedicated servers or allow custom mods or maps. Click here!

IGN video (essentially a GameStop commercial) has some footage of the MW2 Rust map. Click here!

IGN has a report on Fourzerotwo's defense of Modern Warfare 2's campaign length. Don't know how long ago this article was prepared, but it sure seems weak in the midst of the current dedicated server shitstorm. Click here!

MTV has an article up about the MW2 Dedicated Server Petition. Sigs, as this update is prepared at 0734 hrs, are over 91K. Click here!

Other sites:  Tom's Hardware   NeoSeeker   MaximumPC

Hilarious Bollywood mash-up about the pissed off PC players. Digg it here. Click here for the actual video!

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