21 October 2009

Links of Note, 21 October 2009

A Microsoft flavor to this AM's headlines. Ptttooooiiiiieee!

Edge Magazine reports that Datel is "disappointed" that Micrsosoft is banhammering 3rd party memory devices on the Xbox 360. Click here! 

MaximumPC gives us the 50 best & worst moments in Windows history. Click here!

ITWorld has an article on the 7 Deadly Sins of Windows 7. Click here!

Edge Online has news on an Xbox Live Rewards pilot program being pitched to select Xbox Live members. Nothing in my inbox so far. Click here!

Gamasutra reports game & console sales were flat in September, which they speculate prompted an 8.9% drop in GameStop stock value.

Joystiq reports that the bug-plagued Wolfenstein PC gets a crash fix patch. Click here!

MaximumPC has 50 websites that they say kick ass. Click here!

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