21 October 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Links, 21 October 2009

Shacknews has more IW mumbling, shuffling of feet, biting of the hand that feeds them, and outright insults to the PC community, etc. on the Modern Warfare 2 PC dedicated server issue. Link also includes the GameStop footage of the new multiplayer map, Dust. Click here!

BASHandSlash, the site which originally broke the story, has a summary up. Click here!

Games Industry.biz also has a link on the MW2 PC fan reaction. "The response has been so negative that even PC Gamer editor Tim Edwards has weighed in against Infinity Ward's decision, claiming that peer-to-peer networks such as IWNet are less reliable, inherently biased towards the hosting player, less customisable and less effective at creating and policing a community." Click here!

The Escapist has an article on the MW2 PC fan freakout. Click here! 

More articles on the underwhelming effect of IW's attempt to calm down the torch & pitchfork-bearing PC masses:

Gamasutra  GiantBomb  GameSpy  NeoSeeker  Fragland

BASHandSlash has an intriguing screenshot of a possible IW MW2 PC server. It's interesting, also, that Fourzerotwo hasn't been on Steam in 262 days. Click here!

BestBuy announces that many locations will be open for a midnight sale of Modern Warfare 2. Should be plenty of extra copies of the PC version. Click here!

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