22 October 2009

Morning Vent, 22 October 2009

Had my NYS DOL 2nd one-on-one yesterday, and it went well. Going back next Wednesday for a vocational counselor meet. In between then, I have to come up with a plan for retraining and present it at the meeting. Today, I'll be going online and searching to see if I can find a course of study which isn't too expensive and too far away... Moving on.

Got my ass kicked at CoD4 last night. My aim seems consistently off. I wasn't feeling very spiffy, so I hope that was most of it. Getting killed, you respawn right into the line of fire. Bog is the worst. The enemy always seems to see me before I see them. And grenades rain down like crazy. And the tubing... the tubing.... Aaaaggggghhhhhh! It wouldn't be so bad except for the overwhelming feeling that I'm being ripped off by the game or that the other guy is cheating... Sour grapes on my part, probably...

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