22 October 2009

Links of Note, 22 October 2009

GameSpy reports that Valve's game ratings appeal in Australia has been denied again!

GameSpy also says Dead Space: Extraction for the Wii is apparently selling poorly.

Bruce Willis alleged to be in Kane & Lynch film adaptation. Kotaku has the news (with an awesome Busted! pic of Bruce scope Halle Berry's cleavage). Click here!

Microsoft has been denying, denying, denying that any Blu-Ray external drive would ever be available for the Xbox 360. According to Kotaku, Steve Ballmer now says the opposite. Check out the Kotaku article. Cnet's Crave also has an article up, as does Tom's Hardware.

Another patch of Halloween pumpkins from Kotaku. Click here!

Destructoid has an article on CVS (Yes, the drugstore) and its knock-offs of Guitar Hero. The items seem designed to deceive gullible, uninformed parents and disappoint countless kids...

eBizMBA has a list of the 25 most popular gaming websites. Hmmm. Since Joker961's HQ only has 1 follower, it didn't make the list...

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