22 October 2009

Modern Warfare 2 News, 22 October 2009

Update: Forgot to add that GameStop is locally having a midnight-release event for Modern Warfare 2. I'll probably pay for the games in full next week when I have to go to Pok again. That'll save some time on 9 November-into-10 November when we go to get the game from GameStop.

Links about the PC player reaction to IW's move away from traditional PC server architecture & towards an IW-controlled, console-like match-making system. Meanwhile, the Modern Warfare 2 Dedicated Server Petition has reached 133,000 sigs as this update is being prepped:

Fan comments, running the gamut from profane and insulting to outraged and insightful, on Fourzertwo's 10/20 blog entry have reached 119 pages.

1Up has a nice recap of the pros/cons of the MW2 Dedi Server issue

GameInformer has community comments from both sides of the issue.

Winner of the Ars Technica Modern Warfare 2-themed Xbox 360 contest has been announced. If that's the winning video, I'd hate to see the losers. Un-fracking-believably sucky video... Winner is subject to change, tho. There's a blurb on the site that the contest was accidentally ended early, so stay tuned. (Or, judging from the underwhelming video, don't stay tuned.)

Destructoid says Amazon has announced that it will match WalMart's gift card giveaway on Modern Warfare 2 preorders. Click here!

Atomic has an interview with Oz CoD4 gamer funky_monkey on possible work-arounds for IWnet.

Meanwhile, Fourzerotwo tells Video Games Republic that IW has "no idea" what the next game will be.

GameSpot has a Modern Warfare 2 Launch Center it would like you to see.

 Joystiq has an article up on the PS3 Fragchuck controller. It looks cool.

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