12 October 2009

Modern Warfare 2 News, 12 October 2009

Evening Update:

The UK's Daily Star frets that players who buy the MW2 Prestige Edition will use the NVGs to become peeping toms. Seriously. Click here!

The delay rumor is crap. From Fourzertwo: Click here!

Game Trailers has an interview with Infinity Ward CEO Vince Zampella. Click here!

Old news, but System Update talks about MW2 XBL avatar items. Click here!

Rumor regarding MW2 release date renewal addressed by Fourzerotwo. Click here!

Humor: Top Perks wanted by Juggernauts in MW 2. Click here!

Older Stuff:

IGN has some dope on MW 2 avatar stuff for Xbox Live. Click here!

Here are some other links with similar themes:



Gaming Union

Punch Jump reports the MW2-themed Xboxes are selling well. Click here!

Some new screenshots from Worthplaying. Click here!

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