12 October 2009

Links of Note (Columbus Edition), 12 October 2009

Evening Update:

One of my favorite people: James Randi

Rogue Warrior ad in the wild. Click here! Rick Marcinko is a former Navy SEAL who has written a non-fiction bio, Rogue Warrior, and a slew of novels about wild navy SEAL missions. I will probably buy this game for three reasons: 1) I've read his books & liked them, 2) I met him at a book signing and liked him, and 3) in Rogue Warrior, he gave me a powerful life lesson: You don't have to like it, you just have to do it. I've got a fondness in my heart for a guy whose Seal Team Six & the famous (or infamous) Red Cell had a training ammunition budget greater than that of the entire USMC. That, people, is my kinda guy.

GameSpot Left 4 Dead 2 "Scavenge" Mode impressions. Click here!

42 minutes you'll never get back: G4 Feedback. Click here!

Older Stuff:

Star Trek movie comes on 4 gb flash drive shaped like StarFleet insignia. Click here!

Gamesradar gives us Mind-blowingly Underwhelming Celebrity Performances in video games. Click here!

Kokugamer tells us that video games are art. Click here!

Kotaku is asking Valve to clarify whether the "info" on the last 2 campaigns of Left for Dead 2 is legit. Click here!

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