15 October 2009

Modern Warfare 2 News, 15 October 2009

Post Endless Shrimp Links:

PC version of Modern Warfare 2 to cost $60 in US. I guess they're collecting the money for the DLC up front. Click here!

Gamespot has the final MW2 Hands On preview. Click here!

Computer and Video Games reports that Modern Warfare 2 "caters to the hardcore gamer." Hmmm. From all the articles and interviews, it had seemed like the opposite: That IW was trying to make the new game more accessible to the more casual shooter player. Click here!

Older Stuff:

IGN has an article on Modern Warfare 2's Spec Ops mode. Click here!

MW2 community guru Fourzerotwo has tweeted that the MW2 SpecOps mode of the game (2 player co-op on special non-campaign missions) has an ultra-cool feature: You can play on a different difficulty level than your team-mate. Excellent news for the old/slow like me. :)

1Up has put a MW2 countdown page up. I have one on my iGoogle homepage.  Click here for 1Up's version.

A token for buying/playing the Xbox Live On Demand version of the classic CoD is bundled with the Hardened and Prestige versions (What? No Veteran edition?) of CoD: Modern Warfare 2. Kotaku reports on the achievements for the original CoD. Click here!

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