19 October 2009

Modern Warfare 2 News, 19 October 2009

PM links:

As the MW2 PC Dedicated Server Petition approaches 80,000 sigs, GameSpy has an arch article on the greatness of Modern Warfare 2, the PC version. Click here!

GamaSutra has an article about the POed PC players. Click here!

Older stuff:

Well, no more comments from IW yet on the shitstorm about the emasculation of the PC version of Modern Warfare 2.

Still, as I mentioned on some of the forums: I can't believe this is only coming out now, less than a month before the game's release. It's not like someone in IW introduced this feature last week. It's a kick in balls to the hardcore PC players and PC modders...

Zergwatch has a link about the MW2 PC Dedicated Server Petition. Click here!

Computer and Video Games has a link now about the petition. Their headline says 46K; as this post goes live at 0656 hrs, the sigs are about to crack 50K. Click here!

On to the news:

Afterdawn.Com has news of the price and release date of the Modern Warfare 2 themed Xbox 360. Click here!

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