19 October 2009

Links of Note, 19 October 2009

PM Update:

Halo 3: ODST tops September sales with 1.5 million copies. Shacknews has the dope. Click here!

Top 10 Halo kills of the week from IGN. Click here!

Joystiq has more on the underwhelming anti-violent game bonfire event. Click here!

Kotaku has a second Hands-on impression of the Xbox 360 1080p streaming. Click here!

Older Links:

Kotaku has some nice Microsoft-related links:

Windows 7: Whatever happened to gaming?

Xbox 360 Twitter & Facebook Hands-on

Xbox 360 Dashboard: The Stuff that didn't Work

Edge Online has the story of the creation of Alien vs. Predator. Set the WABAC Machine to 1994, Sherman. Click here!

Destructoid has news of a German violent game burning event. Just a few weeks back, Valve had to jump through hoops, cutting game content in Left 4 Dead 2 that was deemed too violent for highly restrictive German censorship laws. Old school gamers will recall that the dorky looking robots in the original Half-life were a direct result of the German laws. Click here!

Kotaku has news about the upcoming Xbox Live dashboard update. Click here!

Joystick has the Oct 12-16 best of Big Download. Click here!

Dice, developer of the Battlefield series, has chimed in on the Modern Warfare PC version debacle by reaffirming support for dedicated servers on their franchise. Kotaku has the scoobies. Click here! 

Non-gaming links:

PCWorld reports that the .NET add-on that Microsoft rammed down Firefox users' throats has been disabled by Mozilla. Click here!

A nice Left 4 Dead jack-o-lantern. Click here!

Cracked has the 5 Myths that People Don't Realize are Admitted Hoaxes. Click here!

Classic YouTube: Lawnchair Larry. Click here!

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