23 October 2009

Modern Warfare 2 News, 23 October 2009

GamersNexus has news of an impending "official boycott" of Modern Warfare 2, IW, and all things Activision. Boy, I sympathize, but I'm not at the point I'll cancel my pre-ordered console copies. Nope.

G4TV has a video showing all you need to know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Still waiting for the booty call from the ever-luscious Olivia Munn, tho. (Please, please, oh, God! Please, pleeeeeeeezzzzzzeeeee!)


 She never calls, she never writes... Sob.

About.com (and bajillions of others) has the Modern Warfare 2 PC specs... And if there's any question about the change in IW's attitude toward the PC community, here's a YouTube clip of a CoD4 interview extolling the virtues of dedicated PCs, modding, etc.in anticipation of CoD4: Modern Warfare. Check for a stain on the MW dev's pants as he gushes about working for free to get the game out on time and how great the game will be for modding, dedi servers.

MTV has a story about Capcom's biatching about the Modern Warfare 2 "callsign" identifier being a copy of the Streetfighter 4 player status icon. Looking at the pictures in the article, yeah, I guess they're similar, but not identical enough to make me think it's a ripoff.

Ars Technica has the real winner of their YouTube video contest, and it's a bajillion times better than the lame-ass piece of crap which was unintentionally selected as the winner yesterday. After watching the rather stylish video, it's obvious these guys deserve to win the Modern Warfare themed Xbox 360.

ComputerandVideoGames has details about the apparently extravagant Modern Warfare 2 UK launch festivities.

Avi has changed his mind & wants to go to England...

The Mirror reports that Modern Warfare 2 has received an 18 rating in the UK. Presumably, that means that those under 18 cannot buy the game. If that works as well in the UK as it does in the US, every snot-nosed, ear-drum spiking, pre-teen @hole will be able to buy a copy, no questions asked.

Nice BASHandSlash guest editorial on the Modern Warfare 2 PC dedi server issue. 

Fourzerotwo interviewed by MTV (YouTube link) on the callsign editor in MW2.

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