24 October 2009

Morning Vent, 24 October 2009

A Big Daddy pumpkin...

In addition to the pumpkinification, I'm doing a format switch today. Instead of having MW2 stuff & a separate links post, I'm combining the two into a CoD/Gaming post. The Blogger setup bumps the most recently updated post to the top, and I want the gaming stuff to stay on top. The Vent is almost never updated, so this should be a non-issue. I figure the viewers (both of you) are more interested in the links than what I have to say.

Cracked has a series of YouTube videos that show you how to make your own Extreme Pumpkin.


Played some CoD4 last night. Had some crappy games, but a few really good ones. I had one game on District where I went 15-2. But my team lost. No one was using a headset but me and one guy who was a newbie. If everyone had played it smart we coulda won.

Played some FFA and got my ass handed to me every time. When I watch the killcam, everyone seems to be uncannily accurate when they're shooting me. I switched over to the M249 SAW and did a lot better. With the Hip Accuracy perk turned on, it seemed to help. Spraying the target with the SAW, which has a really high ROF, was more effective than using ARs. I actually got a helicopter (piloted by a blind guy suffering from arthritis) on Wetwork and was positive, tho still in 5th place.

I've got the sinking feeling that I'm going to dislike Modern Warfare 2. A lot. No one likes having their ass kicked all the time. And I don't think I can invest the massive amount of time it would take for me to be competitive with these young bastards who have faster reflexes and better eye-hand.

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