24 October 2009

Call of Duty & Gaming News, 24 October 2009

As this update is published the petition asking IW to restore dedicated server support has grown to almost 149,000 sigs. It seems it will be in vain, however, as IW has shown no inclination to compromise.
Penny Arcade has a comic (and associated editorial blurb) about the dedi server issue. I think Tycho's right about PCs not being a primary concern for many developers, not just IW. I doubt many PC players have any illusions about that. But, despite this, IW should still support the sub-culture of PC modders and map developers. It's an insular community, but it's also a community where a lot of talent springs up. Future game developers learn their skills in the modding community. It would not be impossible to have match-making as an option, if IW cared about it. Instead, they callously throw their supporters under the bus to make the game more "mainstream".

Amazon says it will give a charity $5000 gift card to the town with the most Modern Warfare 2 pre-orders.

Shacknews tells us that MW2 on the PC will be integrated with Steamworks, adding a whole support suite for the PC player, including "cloud" PC game settings and Steam Achievements.

Joystick Division has the list of the 10 Best Console Games of this generation, so far. CoD4 is on the list.

Co-Optimus has details on the split-difficulty option on the Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops missions.

IGN has a link on the MW2-themed comicbook series, Ghost.

Wired has an article that describes Fourzerotwo's role in the MW community.

BashandSlash has some linked YouTube vids that give a summary of the MW2 PC dedi server issue.

Additional sites with articles about the Modern Warfare 2 PC dedicated server issue:

Push has an article with screenshots of underwater action in the Modern Warfare 2 single-player campaign.

Gamezine says PO'ed PC players have given Modern Warfare 2 PC 162 one-star reviews on Amazon UK, so far. (Update: Since this post was prepared, Amazon UK has purged the star reviews for Modern Warfare 2 PC, tho there are still user comments visible.)

Other Links:

1Up has a hands-on preview of Assassin's Creed 2.

VoodooExtreme reports that Army of Two: the 40th Day will have a unique multi-player feature: For the first month, only those who have pre-ordered the title will have access to the game's co-op survival mode.

Destructoid has a link to a 3 minute preview video for Left 4 Dead 2. Wow. Just Wow!

Kokugamer has an editorial pointing out that originality is over-rated.

The best "My dog chewed my Xbox controller and bought 5000 Live points" story you'll see this week.

Non-gaming stuff:

Unbelievable Craigslist ad. And people are offended by sex ads.

Maxim has a list of the 10 Best Battlestar Galactica moments.

Ironically, UGO has a fanboy-oriented BSG contest. Dinner with Admiral Adama is the grand prize. Hope he's buying.

The Windows 7 promotion reaches stomach-churning proportions in Japan. A Windows 7 Whopper. Engadget has a link with a video of a guy heroically trying to eat this 7 patty behemoth. Banzai!

One place they haven't heard of the Modern Warfare 2 Dedicated Server petition: The furthest galactic cluster.

Cracked has a vid of the 6 flogged-to-death types of YouTube videos.

Cute cosplay girls from IamBored.

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