21 November 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 21 November 2009

Good days... A blast from the past!

I did manage to play Modern Warfare 2 for a couple of hours. I had been trying to get 3 stars on the Spec Ops mission, Body Count. I had come to within a couple of kills and got blind-sided by a sneaky AI. I finally got to a corner of the map (down by the gas station, behind a burned out car, near the collapsed overpass) and camped like a little bitch. I stayed there picking off the Russians with the M14 EBR with the thermal sight. I could swear there were a couple of dead-on head shots and bodyshots that didn't register. I notice the AI had no such difficulty getting their hits to register on me. After I popped the last enemy douche, Gaz/Ghost piped in with "That was OK, but I've seen better." What a dick. Bad enough to take guff from the Timmies. Now, the AI is dissing me, too.
On multiplayer, it was a good night overall. I can't seem to get the hang of a couple of maps. I frequently get my clock cleaned on Wasteland. It's a huge, open map, and snipers have a field day in their ghillie suits. I do much better on urban maps where I can hole up and pick people off at a distance. Despite that urban thing, I always seem to have my ass handed to me on Highrise, as well. If I venture outside, I always seem to get picked off. If I hole up inside, I get outflanked or outgunned in whatever spot I pick to hole up. I did manage to have one scorching game on Highrise last night. With the silenced RPD, I was covering the long front hallway of one of the office buildings. Except for the stairway from the lower level, the only entrances to the building are the windows and glass doors in front. I managed to twitch-fire almost everyone penetrating the front entrance.
Best of all, I got the game-winning kill on a couple of games.

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Morning Vent, 21 November 2009:
   For the sake of simplicity, I've decided to integrate the blog and vent portions of the site. I'll keep it brief: I watch the Xanga blog of Den Kirson, who has picked apart weapon stats for all the CoD games. As part of the subscription, I get email alerts about updates on all the Xanga sites. Today, I get the link to a blog that informs me that bloggers are self-centered people. Duh. The very first thing I blogged when I started this site was that it was about what I found interesting or annoying. If others like it, that's cool, but, like a diary, it's a personal thing. Hopefully, I don't go overboard with it.  Smile 

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